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"You do not have to be experienced in supporting children with speech, language and communication delay when you work with a Clickety Book title. These picture books are designed by experts to be a user-friendly tool for all." - Practical Preschool Magazine, December 2015


Hands up who wants to talk school

The State of Education 2016 survey found that in a third of primary schools more than half of new pupils are below the expected level of school readiness. Delayed speech was identified by 78% of school leaders as one of the most common reasons for this, alongside social skills and lack of resilience. You can read the report here.

Childrenanimals2At Clickety we believe effective communication skills are crucial, especially when a child is starting school. Anne Ayre, Speech and Language Therapist, was invited to write a guest article for PACEY's 'School Ready' feature in their Summer 2015 Childcare Professional magazine. 'Hands up who wants to talk school' is full of tips and ideas to help you boost children's speech and language skills to prepare them for school. You can read the article here.

Top Tips for using Sound Play

We were delighted when Anne Ayre was invited to write a guest Clickety Books blog for the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Yearspacey

PACEY promote high standards in childcare and early years and support their 35,000 members to help give children the best start in life. We share the same ethos and we really enjoy working with them.

With a theme of  'Top tips for using Sound Play' Anne decided to explore the use of picture books as an effective way to support sound play. They can be a great springboard for a range of extension activities that will provide lots of opportunities for related sound play.