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"They are firm favourites because of the wonderful characters, their (sometimes surprising) exploits and the bouncy text. We look forward to the next editions... Thank you!"

Alex Malinson, Parent, Early Soundplay (2014)

Create a Clickety Book

It is the Easter holidays, which could only mean one thing for Erica the Picky Chicken; more mess from her mischievous chortling trio! If you are looking for something to keep your little ones entertained over the holidays, you're in just the right place.erica-image4

Click below to download your own printable 'create a book' bundle, starring none other than Erica's chicks! It includes a lovely chick outline on the cover for you to make your own. There are also simple 'how to draw' instructions for the chick and some other Clickety characters you could include in your book from our very own Sarah-Leigh Wills.

Get creative with the cover with paint or pens, or you could make a collage using tissue or sparkly papers or different materials - even fluffy feathers! Older children could even write their own Clickety tale. So get creative and have a great Easter!

We will be sharing some of your covers and stories on Facebook and Twitter, so please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it them to us. 


Just one more book before bedtime… please!?

Nursery World have recently reported on a study published in Frontiers in Developmental Psychology, which suggests that sleep after listening to a story promotes pre-school children’s learning of new words. The study shows that pre-school children who heard the same story several times before sleeping or even heard different stories before their naps, were able to learn new words and remember them. Those children who didn’t have the chance to sleep, struggled to remember the words and also never caught up with their peers on later word learning tests.