I love this book! - February 2014

Elena (2 years and 10 months) chose Jake's Cakes after bath time, when I came back into the room she had picked it up and was telling the story. She had only heard it once and loves it. The pictures are detailed enough for her to want to study them, but clear enough to help her with the plot.

After only one reading she said "I love this book"! 

Must-have books! - February 2014

"The Early Soundplay books, Chatty Bat, Clip Clop's Picnic and Jake's Cakes, are a unique and valuable resource for parents and early years practitioners. Without being at all obviously 'educational', these engaging picture story books subtly reinforce an awareness of speech sounds through the sorts of repetitions and plays on words that children love.

Roundhouse Day Nursery - February 2014

The books are very inviting to the children. The pictures are great and the staff enjoy using the puppets and allowing the children to become more involved with the stories. I feel they are a very useful resource to help with the children's literacy development.

They are used with children on a one to one basis and in small groups. The children are able to use the puppets themselves and we then allow them to have just the puppets to enable them to become involved in small world play and use their imagination. 

'They are firm favourites' - February 2014

These have become the soundtrack to mealtimes in our house. They live next to the table and we each take it in turns (2 adults, one 10 year old and a 6 year old) to read them aloud to our youngest who is 2. Each of us brings something different to the readings but there is always laughter.

They are firm favourites because of the wonderful characters, their (sometimes surprising) exploits and the bouncy text. We look forward to the next editions...thank you.

Alex Malinson

Primary Teacher Awards 2013 - September 2013

Primary Teacher Gold Award for - S Set of Clickety Books

Here's what the testers said about the -S set: "The children were captured by the illustrations in these books and their funny titles, and thought that they were hilarious! The books and accompanying resources, which are colourful and engaging, are unique and, because of the repetition, the children are able to participate easily in the stories. The CD was a great resource and the children loved to listen to it - they particularly liked the introduction to all the characters. There was also a good range of vocab in the text and the books are a good introduction to rhyme and poetry."