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World Book Day

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Books have the capacity to inspire and educate; they are vessels to far corners of the imagination. Whether you favour fact over fiction, humour over horror or the distinctive smell of an old book over the instant ease of an e-book, I’m sure you’ll agree that everyone has the right to enjoy the possibilities between the pages of a book.

Tomorrow (March 6th) is the 17th annual World Book Day: An opportunity to gather in appreciation of all things published! World book day is a chance to share the joy between the sentences of the wordsmith, and their illustrated counterparts. Above all, tomorrow marks a celebration of reading, and the availability of books to everybody.

To celebrate, National Books Tokens will be sent to schools to help bolster the opportunity to read; you can find out more here. Here at Clickety Books, we’ll be hitting the road, to an Exeter Primary School, where author Craig Green and Illustrator Sarah Leigh-Wills will be helping students create their very own books!

Whatever you are doing to celebrate, take a moment to share a story or champion your favourite book.


Story-telling at Waterstones

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A massive thank you to Waterstones Truro, who were kind enough to welcome the Clickety gang into their Truro shop on a rainy half term Wednesday.

It is safe to say that, even with the Lego Movie to compete with, the eager audience paid sentiment to the importance of oral storytelling; who would have even thought fundamental speech development was also at play underneath these fantastic tales? Clickety Books creator and author Craig Green was joined by Sally Bates, author of our new Early Soundplay Series, in two story telling sessions throughout the day. The crowd remained enthralled throughout, between outbreaks of chanting Clickety choruses - "Sparky Shark, Sparky Shark - ARK ARK ARK!". Clickety Books illustrator Sarah-Leigh Wills was on hand to help create some fantastic Clickety Books masks.

Thank you to everybody who came along and made the event such a success. You can see some photos on our Facebook page by clicking below. Keep your eyes peeled for our next storytelling event.



"The children loved the illustrations..."

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We are delighted to announce that our -T Set of Clickety Books have won a Practical Pre-School Silver Award.

Here's what the testers said:

"Very easy to use due to the inclusion of the CD, children enjoyed the rhyming aspect of the stories, not too long or short."

"The children loved the illustrations and story in rhyme form. The colouring sheets and masks created a lot of fun."

The -T Set comes with 3 audio CDs, all narrated by Catherine Tate.

Clickety Scoops Another Gold

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Primary Teacher Gold Award for the -S set.

Here's what the testers said:

"The children were captured by the illustrations in these books and their funny titles, and thought that they were hilarious! The books and accompanying resources, which are colourful and engaging, are unique and, because of the repetition, the children are able to participate easily in the stories."

"The CD was a great resource and the children loved to listen to it - they particularly liked the introduction to all the characters. There was also a good range of vocab in the text and the books are a good introduction to rhyme and poetry." 

November is Picture Book Month

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Throughout November Clickety Books will be proud ambassadors of Picture Book Month: A celebration of print in today's digital age.

Founded by award winning author story-teller Dianne de Las Casas, Picture Book Month is an international initiative championing the beauty and importance of print, ensuring it is not forgotten amidst the constant swell of digital culture. Each themed day will provide an exciting new insight into pictures in books, click here to see what’s in store.

Here at Clickety, we’ll be celebrating the splendid scribbles of our very own Sarah-Leigh Wills, whose talented hand brings the words of Craig Green, Dominic Vince and Sally Bates, to life.

Stay tuned into our blog and social media, where we’ll be sharing some exclusive new illustrations, alongside some Clickety classics.

Happy Picture Book Month from Clickety!