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In September 2013 we were delighted to win the Primary Teacher Update Gold Award for the -S Set of Clickety Books, accompanied by audio CDs with narration by Ronni Ancona we were also very pleased to be awarded with the Practical Pre-School Silver Award for our -T Set of Clickety Books accompanied by audio CDs with lively narration by Catherine Tate

Here's what the testers said: "The children were captured by the illustrations in these books and their funny titles, and thought that they were hilarious!

"The books and accompanying resources, which are colourful and engaging, are unique and, because of the repetition, the children are able to participate easily in the stories. The CD was a great resource and the children loved to listen to it - they particularly liked the introduction to all the characters. There was also a good range of vocab in the text and the books are a good introduction to rhyme and poetry." 

What's special about Clickety Books?

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Clickety Books are have been designed to develop ALL children’s speech sound awareness, an essential building block for both clear speech and early literacy development. Just listening to the stories can help children develop their knowledge of speech sounds and how they combine in words and joining in the chorus will also give them plenty of practice saying the sounds.

They can also be used as part of a support programme for any child presenting with speech, language or early literacy difficulties.

Children who have speech intelligibility difficulties when they start school are likely to experience difficulties learning to read and spell. Success in early decoding and spelling is dependent on the ability to segment words into their constituent sounds which, in turn, depends on the ability to ‘hear’ the difference between sounds and recognise the same sound when they hear it spoken in different words.

The books and accompanying resources can also be used to promote children’s listening and attention and other language skills.