Our Authors

No man (or Alpaca) is an island, so with that in mind, we have been blessed to have had some of life's loveliest people roll up their sleeves and give a whopping big oomph to the Clickety cause. Everyone has brought something vital to the work, so it's only fair to give everyone involved a bit of a warm hand and a moment in the spotlight.

Anne Ayre


As the Clickety speech and language editor Anne makes sure our crazy ideas turn into really useful products.

Anne is a speech and language therapist who brings a wealth of experience and expertise, gained in the NHS and as a university lecturer and researcher. She ensures our books and resources are both evidence based and fun for everyone to use at home, in education settings, or in speech and language therapy.

Sally Bates

sallyframeSally is the author of our award winning Early Soundplay series and a member of the orginal Clickety Books editorial team. Her blend of theoretical and clinical expertise underpins the development of all our books and resources.

Sally brings a unique combination of skills with her background in both phonetics and speech and language therapy. She is a senior lecturer in speech, language and literacy development. Her research interests include developmental speech sound disorders and the relationship between speech perception, speech production and early literacy development.

Craig Green


Craig is a whirlwind of creative ideas and he is passionate about developing characters that children will love and stories they will want to hear again and again!

He created Clickety Books to provide engaging resources for his son who had speech and language difficulties. He drew on Sally Bates' speech and language expertise and the artistic talent of Sarah-Leigh Wills to create the first Clickety Books.

Craig then persuaded the talented Rik Mayall to read the first stories and a unique package was developed.


Dominic Vince

Dominic and Craig have been co-writers for many years so it was a natural extension to write Clickety Books stories together.