Jacob absolutely loves the book - April 2012

"Jacob absolutely loves the book and gets me to read it time and time again"

"Jacob absolutely loves the book (Corky the Squawky Hawk and Jake the Achy Snake) and gets me to read it time and time again, he has picked up on the "Ake" sound and every time you say it he acknowledges it. 

Since we have started reading the book I have noticed that he has started to recognise words that rhyme and he can now make a rhyming sentence that makes sense.  He also really likes the pictures in the books and asks a lot of questions about what is going on in them. 

This book has proved more than just a story, but has got my son interested in the sounds that words make, he has even noticed they sometimes use different letters to make the sound."  Cathy H, mother of Jacob (4 years old).

Click on the book to find out more, look inside and listen to a lively introduction to Corky the Squawky Hawk read by Rik Mayall.

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