Educationally Nutritious - May 2014

The best way I can sum up Clickety Books is by saying they are just like those 'hidden vegetable meals' your Mum used to make! They are educationally nutritious, yet without the obvious packaging. And they play an extremely vital role in the development of your child in all the important areas, such as speech, language and literacy - Absolutely fantastic!

I have worked for many years myself within the child care sector as a nanny, nursery teacher and maternity nurse. I now run my own child care agency and being a mum myself can now use these wonderful books with my own son, anytime we like! Which to be honest is almost every night! Jakes Cakes is the firm favourite in this household. We all cannot wait to move onto the Primary Range, I think we may just get them in a little early! Cannot recommend them highly enough.

Suzie - East Green Child Care Services - Sussex Branch Ltd.