Practical Pre-School Magazine - December 2015

Resource Focus on Clickety Books!

'You do not have to be experienced in supporting children with speech, language and communication delay when you work with a Clickety Book title. These picture books are designed by experts to be a user-friendly tool for all.' You can read the full article 'Want to Sound it  Out?' here.

The Clickety Books are a favourite with Cuddles Day Nursery in Canford Heath, Poole, Dorset. "The best thing about the books is that they have been written and designed by a speech therapist," says manager Fran Morgan. "They introduce lots of new words and bring in funny words too. It's  obvious that somebody has written the books for a purpose and not just to entertain."

It uses them for story time and also one-to-one with children with speech problems,  this means they have some individual time with their key person.

So far the nursery has bought three different sets - one for each of their settings - and it plans to share them around so children will access all nine stories. It lends books to parents to read with their children at home and now plans to buy more books with its early years pupil premium funding.'

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We are delighted that the Early Soundplay books are a favourite in the Cuddles Day Nursery nursery and that the staff are using the books and puppets in a variety of ways to support the children's speech and language development.

Have a look at the Early Soundplay series here.