Roundhouse Day Nursery - February 2014

The books are very inviting to the children. The pictures are great and the staff enjoy using the puppets and allowing the children to become more involved with the stories. I feel they are a very useful resource to help with the children's literacy development.

They are used with children on a one to one basis and in small groups. The children are able to use the puppets themselves and we then allow them to have just the puppets to enable them to become involved in small world play and use their imagination. 

I have also found that a number of children who have Special Education Needs enjoy using the puppets as it allows them to explore being more involved in the story if they are unable to follow the story book itself.

During the time we have been using Clickety Books the children are showing more interest in wanting to look at books and develop their literacy skills.

These are a very good resource.

Nicola Bailey (Assistant manager/SENCO)

Roundhouse Day Nursery, Birmingham