Talking Tots - 14th March 2011

"Clickety Books - an essential for your child's collection!"

"They [the books] are clear to read and beautifully illustrated and are complemented by an audio CD which is narrated with Rik Mayall's unique voice.

Each story has been designed to give children repeated, intense exposure to a particular sound sequence (ie 'rime'), eg 'ack'. This gives a fabulous opportunity to help children to develop their speech sound system.

The stories often use words that children don’t hear in everyday speech, so they learn new vocabulary and love to hear and play with unusual words.

As Speech & Language Therapists we could instantly see the benefits that this set of books could bring to a child with speech sound difficulties. What blew us away was the reaction of the children in our Sparklers (3 – 5 year olds) class who generally don’t have speech & language difficulties. They howled with laughter at the funny antics of the characters, the wacky humour and most of all … they loved joining in the repetitive chants (at the top of their voices!

Click on a book to find out more, look inside and listen to introductions to the stories read by Rik Mayall. 

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