Soundplay with Erica's Chicks, Flo and Trish the Fish!

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Reading stories and looking at picture books together is one of the best ways in which you can support children's spoken and written language development.

Children love repetition. It helps them build their knowledge and understanding of word meanings and story structure. Children also love soundplay - it's fun! and it helps develop their ability to recognise and say speech sounds in different words. These are key foundation skills for success in phonics, early reading and spelling.

We hope you'll enjoy meeting our latest Early Soundplay characters: Erica's Chicks, Flo the Flamingo and Trish the Fish.

New Bundle B

Their stories are full of soundplay, each with a special focus on a particular sound. The simple, interactive storylines make it easy for children to anticipate what happens next and to join in when they hear the story again. This provides  lots of opportunities for them to both hear and practise saying these sounds within words.     


Behind the Paintbrush

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We ask Clickety Books illustrator, Sarah Leigh-Wills, to talk us through the process of designing and illustrating a Clickety Book!

1. Character Development: This is my favorite part of the process! Creating a character is tricky. To start with, I scout thousands of photos of that particular animal. I study their physical appearance and research their natural behaviour. I find that this is all crucial in capturing the true characteristics. Making the animal then appeal to children is the next job. I tend to laugh at the same things that children do so I am able to make the characters visually amusing for them whilst maintaining their realistic attributes. Imagining I am the character is another trick of mine. I tend to put myself in the mindset of what I would do, what I would look like, how I would speak, act etc. This takes a long time.

We Will Miss You, Rik

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Rik Mayall was there at the very beginning of Clickety Books. He threw himself into making those rough, early characters come to life. He called prior to his first studio session and discussed the project in minute detail. He wanted Jake to be an easygoing everyman, Erica to be a middle class fright, Mark to be like Terry Thomas in his causal menace. And so it went on. He just cared so deeply.

Read to Your Baby

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Developing a love of books and reading is one of the most exciting and rewarding journeys that you can share with your children. As well as being enjoyable we know that children who read for pleasure are likely to do significantly better at school than their classmates. A study from the Institute of Education found that this activity not only improves their vocabulary and spelling but also, perhaps surprisingly, their achievement in maths. It appears these children are able to learn and understand new information in all areas of the curriculum more easily.

The 3 R's

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All rhymes from traditional nursery rhymes to modern action rhymes play an important part in early childhood development. They are packed with the 3 R’s: rhyme, rhythm and repetition. They play abatdrum vital role in helping children develop key speech, language and communication skills. They also support the development of social, physical and emotional skills. It’s never too early to introduce children to rhyme, rhythm and repetition!