“Fresh Ideas” From Clickety Books

“Interactive and engaging resources and background information”

“Fresh Ideas” - Devon Teachers

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Clickety Books taster workshops are proving a big hit for primary schools in Devon. The after school sessions are an informal way to find out about the benefits of Clickety Books as well as providing practical activities and the author’s perspective on how Clickety Books work in school and at home.


Jake the Snake and Mark the Shark show teachers how these unique books can support spoken language, phonological awareness skills and even spelling development for all primary aged children. The clickety team, who include speech and language therapists, share materials and activities that can also be used to target children with speech, language and literacy needs.

If you would like to find out more about, the importance of talking and storytelling for speaking and literacy development, or the unique Clickety Books and materials, then have a look at our 2014 workshop dates. There’s even a free book and resource pack for your school to take away.





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