In Celebration of Picture Books


November is International Picture Book Month, a time to celebrate the importance of picture books everywhere. You may be wondering why there is a need to celebrate printed picture books especially when everything is going digital!

Well, very young children learn through interacting with visual materials and through shared experiences. So to start with the most appealing aspect of a book is the pictures in it. Then the story and the language provided by the reader help the pictures come alive. Key to enjoyment of books for young children is sharing the experience of a book, the pictures, characters and story.

So, picture books are essential tools in helping young children develop their attention and listening, vocabulary, sequencing and memory skills, all of which are vital for children to learn, when playing and making friends. Picture books also support the development of pre-literacy skills such as awareness of sounds, words in sentences and use of rhyme in stories. 


At Clickety we know just how important the pictures in books are, which is why all the books have beautiful and fun illustrations to help engage children. The stories use rhyme, repetition and sound awareness to support speech and early literacy skills too.

Digitally based materials may be on the increase however they can’t replace the experience of sitting together to share a story, enjoying the pictures, the language and the feel of the book. So here at Clickety Books we are celebrating picture books everywhere!

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