Introducing: Chatty Bat

We are delighted to welcome Chatty Bat to the Clickety clan, as part of our new Early Sound Play Series. Chatty Bat recounts the antics of an adorable little brown bat, who enjoys nothing more than socialising in the most vocal manner possible.Chatty-bat-hang Packed full of exciting nitter natter, clitter clatter and chitter chatter, Chatty Bat can help boost foundation skills which are integral to later development of speech, language and literacy skills.

 Although Chatty Bat can help get your little ones chatting, the way in which Bats communicate in the wild is extraordinarily fascinating and multifaceted. Through a process called echolocation, or bio sonar, bats emit a sound which bounces off their natural environment; which they interpret in order to paint a picture of their surroundings. So, bats actually use their ‘voices’ for far more than just chitter chatting!

Communication in humans is often misunderstood as to represent speech alone, however its significance is far deeper than the sound of voice per se. Much like how bats use their communication skills set to navigate moonlight forests; a human’s communication skill set is responsible for expression, the building of relationships and much more in navigating the various paths which we encounter throughout our lives.

Chatty bat can get your little ones nitter nattering in no time, by helping provide the necessary foundations for a strong set of communication skills to take with them in later life.


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