Soundplay with Erica's Chicks, Flo and Trish the Fish!

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Reading stories and looking at picture books together is one of the best ways in which you can support children's spoken and written language development.

Children love repetition. It helps them build their knowledge and understanding of word meanings and story structure. Children also love soundplay - it's fun! and it helps develop their ability to recognise and say speech sounds in different words. These are key foundation skills for success in phonics, early reading and spelling.

We hope you'll enjoy meeting our latest Early Soundplay characters: Erica's Chicks, Flo the Flamingo and Trish the Fish.

New Bundle B

Their stories are full of soundplay, each with a special focus on a particular sound. The simple, interactive storylines make it easy for children to anticipate what happens next and to join in when they hear the story again. This provides  lots of opportunities for them to both hear and practise saying these sounds within words.     


Erica has three chicks: messy Mick, naughty Nick and another little rascal Rick. While Erica snoozes in the sun the chicks are having lots of fun!

Flo the Flamingo is having a birthday party. She loves dancing, swaying and swinging, jingling and jangling and fluttering her pink feathered wings.

Trish the Fish is a teeny tiny fish. She dashes and rushes through the ocean with a swish, swash, swoosh, and a splish, splash, splosh! 

Written by a speech and language therapist, each story in the Early Soundplay series is packed with multiple repetitions of selected sounds and rhymes. The stories are expertly crafted to support children's developing speech sound awareness and vocabulary knowledge. These are key foundation skills for success with phonics, early reading and spelling.




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