National Share a Story Month

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BatIt’s officially the month for sharing a story and bringing books and children together – see At Clickety Books we need no excuse as we know how important it is for children of all ages to share a book and enjoy a story.

Babies love books, the colours, textures, pictures and pages. Toddlers start to make the links between stories they hear and the pictures they see in their favourite books. Pre-school children start to recognise how the sounds they hear link with the words they know and the stories they love. All of which are key steps to building interest, enthusiasm and ultimately a love of books and storytelling.

 Research has shown that it is the quality of a shared reading experience that influences a child’s interest in books and later literacy skills: the more active the child’s role in sharing a story the better! So, asking a child what they think the story might be about by looking at the front cover, or giving the child some props to help tell part of the story, or even when we ask a child why something happened or how someone felt, encourage a child to engage, stay focused and build on their language and reasoning skills.

Here at Clickety Books we love using puppets to help tell our Early Soundplay stories, from Jake the snake to Clip Clop and her friends. In fact we know how amazing it is when children are involved in storytelling because on World Book Day, back in March, our lovely puppets along with some story based props we had collected and a handful of children from the Foundation stage, helped share a story with 80 other three to five years olds. The children’s response… “Again, please can we have the story again!?”.

Have fun sharing a story and use your imagination and inventiveness to encourage children to become actively involved in the storytelling experience.


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