Orsa's Year

Hello sweeties, Orsa here, your very favourite horse. I am your favourite aren't I? Of course I am.



Now, there is a lot of excitement fizzing around my stable today. I have had some very exciting news. Listen to this darlings, it seems that I am so popular that the Chinese New Year has been dedicated to me! It will soon be the Chinese year of the horse. How simply awesome. I am delighted and honoured. So, to celebrate the Year of Orsa the horse, I have been rattling my saucepans and dreaming up some new recipes. I have made sweet and sour sauce, made with real sweets, chilli dipping sauces that are kept in the fridge to make them extra star chilly and a black bean sauce that I make by adding marmite and liquorice to baked beans. Yummy yummy yummy.

Luckily I had my good friend Clip Clop here to help out. When it comes to cooking, she is not afraid to get her hooves dirty. So we have a plan. We are going to take all out food on one of Clip Clop's famous picnics. We have invited everybody from Clickety Island. The Precise Woodlice are bringing their exquisite rice cakes. Delicious.

Until we meet again, ta ta darlings. Happy Chinese New Year...of me!


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