'A critical window for language development'

Friends web2The BBC recently reported on an interesting research article in The Journal of Neuroscience. Evidence from brain scans suggests that there is 'a critical window for language development between the ages of two and four'. 

Luckily there are many ways that adults can promote language development in the under 5s. Reading with pre-school children is a great way to introduce new words. Visual information is really important in supporting children’s understanding. That’s why picture books are really great to read with young children, as they can help put new words into context. Repetition of new words is also important when children are developing their vocabulary, as is support from an adult to check understanding of the words they hear and link new words to more familiar ones.

Jake the Snake, one of Clickety’s favourite characters, supports pre-schoolers’ speech and language development by sharing his love of cakes as part of a new Early Soundplay range of Clickety Books. Jake loves yummy scrummy cakes, however he is a bit of a silly snake and ends up with tummy ache. The book is packed full of rhyming and repetition to help young children develop early language and literacy skills. Readers will also spot several ‘s’ and ‘ake’ words to help develop awareness of these sounds.

Whatever book you read with your pre-schooler, look out for words they may not be familiar with, as well as rhyming words, to really help them develop a strong foundation for future language learning.

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 You can read the BBC news article here.

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