RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch 2014

Our natural environment has the power to engage and inspire us; but do we really take the time to embrace it? RSPB’s Big Schools’ Birdwatch is an initiative asking you to do just that. For the next few weeks (January 20th – February 14th), the charity are asking children to take an hour to revel in the fascinating feats of our feathered friends. Aiming to ‘help give nature a home at your school’; the initiative is by no means restricted to the playground; designed to encourage all children of all ages to engage with nature. You can find out more here.

Nature is engrained in us all, so naturally it is deeply engaging. Our books and resources draw strongly from nature, and subsequently give sanctuary to an array of beautiful birds, which we will be showcasing throughout the Big Schools’ Birdwatch. There's Dwight the Bright Kite and Snoot the Coot whose mastery of the lute is second to none; to name only a few! There are even more to come, such as the flamboyant antics of Flo the Flamingo.

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Did you know? The word ‘flamingo’ is a nod to their flamboyantly coloured feathers. Deriving from the Latin word ‘flamenco’, meaning fire and referring to the vivid hue of the flamingos feathers.




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