Tracy's Race

Hello! It’s me, Tracy the Pacy Plaice.   

Let me tell you the story of the great Clickety race. As you know, I am the swishest fish you could ever wish to meet. In fact, wait there...I am back! I just swam 100m and back. Did you even notice I was gone? That’s how pacy I am.

Now, I was swimming around the other day, quickly of course, when Mark the Sparky Shark appeared overhead in his massive sparkly ark.

‘Hello Tracy,' he shouted out to me.tracy-image4

I swam to the surface of the water.

‘Hello Mark, how are you today?’

‘Oh I am just marvellous Tracy. I have been eating Shredded Wheat with Sunita the Athlete Cheetah and we were laughing and laughing.’

‘What were you laughing about, Mark?’

‘Well...Sunita was stating that you were a slow coach and that she was the fastest animal in Clickety Island. How very funny!’

‘That’s not true! I am the fastest. Sunita is the slow coach, not me.’

‘Oh really,’ said Mark, ‘how simply delicious. I mean delightful. Not delicious. Why don’t I organise a little race then? Then we will know who really is the fastest.’

‘Deal. The race is on. And then everyone will know for sure that I am the acest for pace.’

So Mark said that he would make the arrangements and the race would take place at exactly 9am the next day. I was determined to win.

By the time the next morning had come around, I was ready for action. There was no way I was going to lose to a Cheetah. I swam to the shore to be greeted by a huge crowd. They were very excited. Erica’s Chicks had made flags, Hoot the Newt was playing his flute, the Precise Woodlice were selling cakes and Jake the Snake was eating them. Mark was watching from the deck of his ark.

Finally, with one minute to go, Sunita turned up at the shore.

‘Hello Tracy,’ she purred, ‘are you ready to race?’

‘Yes I am!’ I replied.

‘Then come and meet me at the start line by that big tree.’

‘What? The start line is here in the water.’

‘But I can’t get wet. I can’t even swim.’

‘But I can’t run on land.’



The crowd fell silent. Even Hoot stopped tooting his flute...

Erica the chicken, who hated squabbling, stepped in. ‘Stop this bickering at once,’ she clucked. ‘We shall have to call this race a draw. Sunita, you are very much the quickest on land and Tracy, you are the paciest in the sea.’

And that was the story of the great Clickety race.

But I would have definitely won. So there.


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