We Will Miss You, Rik

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Rik Mayall was there at the very beginning of Clickety Books. He threw himself into making those rough, early characters come to life. He called prior to his first studio session and discussed the project in minute detail. He wanted Jake to be an easygoing everyman, Erica to be a middle class fright, Mark to be like Terry Thomas in his causal menace. And so it went on. He just cared so deeply.

He was a premier league voice artist. The best. He was a great mentor and also a great friend of ours. We are numb with shock, but we feel blessed to be left with his legacy and his unique body of work. He knew how to make a child laugh and this is a rare rare gift. We will miss you Rik, old stick. So much.


Craig & Rik, pictured below.

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