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Enhanced Early Soundplay Bundle: Set 3
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Enhanced Early Soundplay Bundle: Set 3

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Enhanced bundles are ideal for Early Years settings where thes main focus will be group work. The enhanced pack of puppets, with each story supported by a Top Tips Sheet provide multiple opportunities for a wide range of extension sound play and language development activities.

  • Digby the Diggedy Dog, Millie Makes a Mess and Keelo's Cookies with Audio CD read by Sophie Thompson
  • 6 key character finger puppets (dog, 3 mice, collie dog and caterpillar)
  • Additional 2 frog finger puppets for Digby and 11 finger puppets (2 horses, 2 cows, 2 goats, hen, 3 chicks and snake) bring all the firiends who help Keelo find his cookies to life
  • 3 Story specific laminated Top Tips sheets
  • Supplied in 3 colourful cotton drawstring bags

Digby the Diggedy Dog:  Digby the Diggedy Dog goes out into the garden to play. He digs a big BIG hole, dig dig diggedy dig. And plays tag with two little frogs.

Hear an intro by Sophie Thompson

Millie Makes a Mess: Millie likes making tasty treats for her mouse friends Tess and Bess. Whoops! Spatters of milk, egg and stawberry juice all over her dress. Millie, what a mess!

Hear an intro by Sophie Thompson

Keelo's Cookies: Keelo can't find his cookies, just a trail of crumbs... 'Have you eaten my cookies?' he asks his friends. The trail leads to Erica's chicks - have they eaten his cookies?

Hear an intro by Sophie Thompson

Written by a speech and language therapist each story is packed with multiple repetitions of selected sounds and rhymes. The stories are expertly crafted to support children's developing speech sound awareness and vocabulary knowledge. These are key foundation skills for success with phonics, early reading and spelling.

The simple, interactive storylines make it easy for children to anticipate what happens next and to join in when they hear the stories again. This provides lots of opportunities for them to both hear and practise saying words.

Children love repetition! It helps them build their knowledge and understanding of word meanings and story structure. We hope that you will enjoy each story again, again and again!

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