National Insect Week

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With over a millions species of insects worldwide, we’ll probably need more than a just week to discover them all, but this is the best chance to get started.
Every two years the Royal Entomological Society organizes a week, championing the discovery and conversation of all things creepy and crawly. Get outside and get involved, you never know what you’ll learn. For instance, did you know that there are over 3,000 species of woodlice worldwide? Including the precise woodlice bakers:

The woodlice bakers are so precise,
They made a special baking device
That produces nice rice cakes,
Just for mice,
Topped nicely with raisins,
Cream crackers and spice.

Take a look at our free Precise Woodlice activities, or head over to our shop and use the code “WOODLICE10” to receive 10% discount during National Insect week.

Take a look at the National Insect Week website for more ways to get involved.