Story-telling at Waterstones

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A massive thank you to Waterstones Truro, who were kind enough to welcome the Clickety gang into their Truro shop on a rainy half term Wednesday.

It is safe to say that, even with the Lego Movie to compete with, the eager audience paid sentiment to the importance of oral storytelling; who would have even thought fundamental speech development was also at play underneath these fantastic tales? Clickety Books creator and author Craig Green was joined by Sally Bates, author of our new Early Soundplay Series, in two story telling sessions throughout the day. The crowd remained enthralled throughout, between outbreaks of chanting Clickety choruses - "Sparky Shark, Sparky Shark - ARK ARK ARK!". Clickety Books illustrator Sarah-Leigh Wills was on hand to help create some fantastic Clickety Books masks.

Thank you to everybody who came along and made the event such a success. You can see some photos on our Facebook page by clicking below. Keep your eyes peeled for our next storytelling event.