World Book Day

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Books have the capacity to inspire and educate; they are vessels to far corners of the imagination. Whether you favour fact over fiction, humour over horror or the distinctive smell of an old book over the instant ease of an e-book, I’m sure you’ll agree that everyone has the right to enjoy the possibilities between the pages of a book.

Tomorrow (March 6th) is the 17th annual World Book Day: An opportunity to gather in appreciation of all things published! World book day is a chance to share the joy between the sentences of the wordsmith, and their illustrated counterparts. Above all, tomorrow marks a celebration of reading, and the availability of books to everybody.

To celebrate, National Books Tokens will be sent to schools to help bolster the opportunity to read; you can find out more here. Here at Clickety Books, we’ll be hitting the road, to an Exeter Primary School, where author Craig Green and Illustrator Sarah Leigh-Wills will be helping students create their very own books!

Whatever you are doing to celebrate, take a moment to share a story or champion your favourite book.