Basking in the glow of our first review

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Red art ted

This comes from the amazing Red Ted Artblog. We are very proud!)

"As you all know we are “avid” readers here at Red Ted HQ, well my two children, almost don’t get a choice, with the heaps of books that get piled on them. So whenever I see something “new” produced by an individual, I cannot help but get a copy… so we bought

Red Ted always gets excited about a new book and they are brilliant for our “quiet time” (he no longer naps, aaargh), as we read it together and then he wanders off and studies all the pictures by himself. These books come with an audio CD, which are part of the charm and purpose of the books as these are book design to help speech development:

“We create speech and literacy resources for children with speech awareness difficulties and speech delay.  These can range from very minor speech and literacy delays to severe problems with the child’s ability to speak or comprehend literature.”

We are reading for “fun” and fun they are. Jacqueline is not your normal “lady”, and get’s into all sorts of messy and situations. She also likes to fart (tsk tsk). Each page is followed by a chorus: Black Alpaca Black Alpaca, ack ack ack. Black Alpaca Black Alpaca ACK ACK ACK. Which is a bit of a tongue twister, but obviously design to help develop speech. Red Ted LOVES the chorus and already shouts “ACK ACK ACK”, before I have even turned the page. The CD is excellent – there is a little bell at the end of each verse that signifies turning the page and Red Ted LOVES listening at for it – he then looks at me and says “now mummy?” with shining eyes. After only a couple of “listens” he actually started to repeat the chorus in line with the CD. The book & CD are fun and helpful. Brilliant.

The book costs £10 – which is a little dear: BUT – remember, you get a well thought through learning tool, design to help speech development, as well as an audio CD. AND this is produced independently and not through one of the big publishing houses. Oh. And Red Ted (almost 3) loves it  :-) Also:

* The Postage and Packing is always free, regardless of order size

* The CDs are narrated by Rik Mayall and are hilarious

* There are free games on the website to accompany the books and these will be added to every month

So go on. Visit Clickety Books and get a copy – or buy the gift set and give a couple away as presents!"

A satisfied customer

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The photo below was posted onto Twitter and it has put a smile on our faces.

The boy has had Corky the Squawky Hawk read to him twice by his daddy.

Corky the Squawky Hawk

"Just one more time please Daddy."

We love to see happy children enjoying our books, so please send us your pictures!


Arts and crafts galore

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Red art ted

Behold my favourite new blog!

Red Ted Art

A whirlwind of good ideas and good will.

With the rain lashing at the window pains and more coming over the weekend, you could do a lot worse than having a look at some of these great (cheap!) ideas.

I shall post up some pictures of my Red Ted Art creations for you all to laugh at!


Adopt a Word!

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Having 'a love of words' is a term that people with 'a love of words' truly loathe.  However, I really do have 'a love of words'.

So, imagine my joy to learn that one can actually adopt a word (for a year) and take ownership. Even better, you'll be helping the I CAN charity which exists to help children with communication difficulties. A massive win win.

Have a look at for more details.

The initiative is a great idea and the adoption of a word makes an amazing Christmas gift.

Don't quote me on this, but (according to the Twitter feed) the 18th of December is the last day that adoption certificates can be sent out.

Keep your hands off the word 'diddle' though, I've got my eye on it.

Giving Voice

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Giving Voice 02

Clickety Books were delighted to attend the Giving Voice launch in London on Tuesday.

An epic, snowy journey from Cornwall was made worthwile by a fascinating evening that included an exclusive screening of The King's Speech' (which was intensely moving and beautifully acted).

Ed Balls MP delivered a hearfelt and impassioned speech about the importance of the campaign, including the national economic benefits of supporting individuals with speech and swallowing impairments.

It was also a privilege to meet the I CAN team, the charity that support children's communication issues. We have a feeling that Clickety Books will be working much closer with the charity in the future.

The Church House venue was stunning, sitting luxuriously in the shadow of Westminster Abbey. The thick snowflakes in the air added something Romantically magical to the atmosphere, much more so than the vans full of riot police, bracing themselves for student protests.

A slightly less epic journey home made the trek to the smoke a satisfying one with much food for thought.

We wish the Giving Voice campaign a very successful year.  Speech and Language Therapists are critical to lives of so many, including my own son, so long may they be able to operate without restraint of budget or resource.