And so it began

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Hello one and all!

A pleasure to meet you.  This is the very first Clickety Books news post, which I suppose is news in itself.

I hope you enjoy the new website.  Have a listen to the audio samples (yes that really is Rik Mayall!) and read around the mechanics and applications of our books.

The free resource library is a work in progress.  We have a mountain of goodies in the pipeline and we’ll let you know here when they are uploaded for your pleasure.  Remember to RSS this news feed and you’ll never miss out.

Also, remember to follow us on Twitter and/or Facebook (whatever is your bag).  We’ll be posting up various bits and pieces for discussion.  Its a good place to get interactive and learn more about our customers.

So that’s all. It’s been emotional, but Clickety Books has finally arrived and is ready to roll.

Enjoy yourselves and see you back here soon.