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Clickety Books were delighted to attend the Giving Voice launch in London on Tuesday.

An epic, snowy journey from Cornwall was made worthwile by a fascinating evening that included an exclusive screening of The King's Speech' (which was intensely moving and beautifully acted).

Ed Balls MP delivered a hearfelt and impassioned speech about the importance of the campaign, including the national economic benefits of supporting individuals with speech and swallowing impairments.

It was also a privilege to meet the I CAN team, the charity that support children's communication issues. We have a feeling that Clickety Books will be working much closer with the charity in the future.

The Church House venue was stunning, sitting luxuriously in the shadow of Westminster Abbey. The thick snowflakes in the air added something Romantically magical to the atmosphere, much more so than the vans full of riot police, bracing themselves for student protests.

A slightly less epic journey home made the trek to the smoke a satisfying one with much food for thought.

We wish the Giving Voice campaign a very successful year.  Speech and Language Therapists are critical to lives of so many, including my own son, so long may they be able to operate without restraint of budget or resource.