"A fabulous opportunity to help children to develop their speech sound system"

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Spirits are high at Clickety HQ after receiving a glowing recommendation from Talking Tots.

They are best described by the blurb on their homepage.

“Talking Tots is the UK’s original and favourite provider of fun, interactive classes that gently boost preschool children’s communication and social skills. Our friendly and exciting classes can help all children develop some of life’s most important skills: concentration and attention, making learning easier, self-esteem and social confidence, vital for making new friends, pre-literacy skills, helping pave the way for reading and writing, communication skills, helping little ones express themselves and sharing and taking turns, helping everyone get along better."

Basically, everything that Clickety stands for and believes in.

So we are utterly delighted to read the following post on the Talking Tots HQ blog.

Given the collective experience of the personnel involved, to read “Clickety books - an essential for your child's collection” is particularly heartening.

As you know, we strongly believe that our books should be fun, first and foremost, regardless of a children’s speech ability. The books should be flexible enough to find a way of entertaining.

With this in mind, the following quote made our day.

What blew us away was the reaction of the children in our Sparklers (3 – 5 year olds) class who generally don’t have speech & language difficulties. They howled with laughter at the funny antics of the characters, the wacky humour and most of all … they loved joining in the repetitive chants (at the top of their voices!)."

Jake the snake is baking up an enormous cake to celebrate.