Thumbs up from Practical Pre-School Magazine!

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Practical Pre-School

Well well well, what have we here? I’ll tell you what! We’ve only gone and got a spanking good review printed in Practical Pre-School Magazine.

For those of you out of the loop. Practical Pre-School Magazine is a very influential and well respected teaching resource guide. It’s subscription only and is a staff room staple. To get a thumbs up from them is worth celebration.

I would recommend these books for everyone who has or works with children; they are a really fun way of improving their speech development.”

So how about that for a testimonial!

Now we have known this all along, of course, but it’s a proud moment to hear someone else say it, especially from such a respectable source.

So you heard it, if you have children, or work with children, it’s well worth you getting a set of these books and making the most of their speech-flavoured goodness.