Twelve Days of Clickety Christmas

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We have been supporting Children's Hospice South West with our animated Christmas carol The 12 Days of Clickety Christmas.

Children's Hospice South West helps and supports children and their families who are living with life-limiting conditions. Some come to them for palliative care, some for emergency care and many for planned respite and a rare opportunity for a break.

They provide a loving and caring place for every member of the family who stays with them; a sanctuary for Mums and Dads, brothers and sisters. A place where everyone can begin to forget their worries for a while, be a family again and find expert help and support in facing an uncertain future.

Children's Hospice South West needs your support to continue their vital work – so please help them in any way you can.

Here are the amazing Sound Council, the choir of Plymouth City Council. We'd like to say thank you very much for your wonderful singing! A special thanks to Simon Elvin for his organistaional skills and enthusiasm. These pictures were taken during recording at dBs Music.

Left to right: Alison Mills, Annie Walker, Sophie Penwill, Helen Cocks, Eve Skuse, Izzie Robertson, Helen Harrigan.

Left to right: Simon Elvin, Rob Taylor, Richard Brandon, Emma Rose, Jane McGuire, Emily Hatcher, Juliet Russell and Malcolm Fieldsend.

We'd also like to thank Jay at dBs Music and Debs & Jamie at SuperMegaActionPlus. Your creativity and patience is neither underestimated nor unappreciated.

Please continue to share this video far and wide and lets raise as much as we can for the wonderful Children's Hospice South West.

Children's Hospice South West