Winner of Talking Tots Toy Award 2011

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Talking Tots

Our first award! What a wonderful early Christmas present for everyone at Clickety HQ.

We love the Talking Tots communication groups and are excited and delighted to be the winner of their 2011 Toy Award for developing pre-literacy skills. They say:

"Clickety Books have been created from a linguistic point of view and feature fun characters such as Lucky the Plucky Duck, Erica the Picky Chicken and Corky the Squawky Hawk.

They are clear to read and beautifully illustrated and are complemented by audio CDs which are narrated with Rik Mayall & Ronni Ancona’s unique voices.

The books make use of rhyme, repetition of words, phrases, sentences and refrains which allow children to make predictions or guesses about words, phrases, sentences that could come next in the story."

Thank you Talking Tots!