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 "Clickety books - an essential for your child's collection!"

Reading stories and looking at picture books together is one of the best ways in which you can support children's spoken and written language development and Clickety Books has created two award winning series of books for you and your children to share. 

Early Soundplay: Our award winning Early Soundplay series is written by Dr Sally Bates, a speech and language therapist and senior lecturer in speech, language and literacy. The stories are designed for children ages 2 to 5 and Sally has spent many a happy hour sharing stories and rhymes with her own children. 

Children love repetition. It helps them build their knowledge and understanding of word meanings and story structure. Children also love sound play – it’s fun! And it helps develop their ability to recognise and say speech sounds in different words. These are key foundation skills for success in phonics, early reading and spelling. Each story is full of sound play and focuses on a specific speech sound, for example 'k' or 's'. The simple, interactive storylines make it easy for children to anticipate what happens next and to join in the story when they hear it again. This provides lots of opportunities for them to both hear and practise saying words with the target sounds in. 

Four audio CDs, with three stories on each, accompany the books. Sophie Thompson reads the Early Soundplay series and her lovely clear and engaging style is perfect for these stories. Children can listen or read along to the stories.

Sound Steps: Our multi-award winning Sound Steps series is full of delightfully humorous and quirky characters that are loved by the 4 to 7 age group. These stories are written by the Clickety Books founder Craig Green, the parent of a child with speech, language and communication difficulties, and Dominic Vince. Inspired by the activities recommended by his son’s speech and language therapist, Craig wanted to elaborate and expand on these using his own creative writing skills.

These books are also carefully crafted focusing on specific sounds that help children consolidate their phonics work and provide support for learning a range of spelling patterns.

Children will laugh out loud and want to join in when they hear the in character introductions and lively readings provided by Ronni Ancona, the late Rik Mayall and Catherine Tate.

Have a look at the books here and help yourselves to our FREE resources.