"I absolutely love these books, both as a parent and a speech and language therapist." 

Award winning Early Soundplay series: sound-loaded stories for focused auditory stimulation.

This series of books is ideal for use as part of a direct therapy programme with children (2;0 - 6;0 years) presenting with phonological difficulties and/or early language delay. They lend themselves equally to working with children individually or in small groups. 

They can also be used effectively by parents and carers, early years practitioners and other educational staff to complement direct therapy or while children are on a waiting list to receive therapy.

What's special about these stories?:

Children love sound play - it's fun! It also supports the development of phonological recognition,  the ability to recognise individual sounds in different word positions and vocalic contexts. This is important for both clear speech and phonological awareness.

  • Each story focuses on specific sound targets: a singleton consonant, for example /k/, consonant clusters, for example /kl,  kr/ and or rhymes for example /ik/
  • Each story provides intense repeated exposure to multiple examples of a given sound target,  or targets, in a range of vocalic contexts.

Sound Steps Series

Founded on the principles of Auditory Input Therapy, the books are primarily designed to support children’s developing auditory discrimination and phoneme recognition skills by increasing the opportunity they have for hearing selected consonant targets produced in different vowel contexts. 

The Sound Steps books target 't' 'k' and 's' providing a fun and linguistically principled resource for interventions addressing velar fronting, stopping, alveolar backing and final consonant deletion. They also provide opportunities for practising sound production and can be used to support listening and attention, phonological awareness and vocabulary development. 

Clickety Books lend themselves particularly well to small group work and may be used by parents or education professionals to assist generalisation of therapy targets or as an interim step prior to receiving therapy.

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