Early Soundplay Set 1 Audio CD – SOLD OUT

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Read by Sophie Thompson whose lovely clear voice and engaging style  is perfect for listening to Early Soundplay stories again, again and again. Some children may also enjoy being able to read along with the story.

Track list:

  1. Introduction
  2. Jake’s Cakes
  3. Chatty Bat
  4. Clip Clop’s Picnic
  5. Jake’s Cakes read along
  6. Chatty Bat read along
  7. Clip Clop’s Picnic read along

Written by a speech and language therapist the Early Soundplay series provides multiple opportunities for focused listening to the full range of English speech sounds. Children enjoy engaging in a wide variety of sound play and it helps develop their ability to recognise individual sounds in words. This is not only important for clear speech but also gives them a head start in phonics and learning to read and spell.

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