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This award winning series of books boosts all children’s skills for success with phonics, reading and spelling.

These funny stories with amazing animal characters are full of rhymes and repeated refrains.

Mark the Sparky Shark & Jacqueline the Black Alpaca: Mark the Sparky Shark sails his chequered ark and Jacqueline the Black Alpaca likes to play her red maracas. Children enjoy listening out for and joining in with the ARK and ACK words.

Corky the Squawky Hawk & Jake the Achy Snake: Corky the Squawky Hawk likes to drive his forklift truck and Jake the Achy Snake is a master baker. Can you spot all of the AWK and AKE words, there are loads of them!

Lucky the Plucky Duck & Erica the Picky Chicken: Lucky the Plucky Duck likes to collect honeysuckles in her red rucksack and Erica the Picky chicken likes everything to be spick and span. Spot all the UCK and ICK sounds!

Award winning set of books full of rhyme, repetition and refrains. They help to develop sound and phonological awareness, not only important for clear speech but essential skills for phonics and learning to read and spell.

‘Clickety Books are such good preparation for getting to grips with learning to read and write.’ Headteacher, The Pilgrim School.

Just listening to the stories can help children develop their knowledge of speech sounds and how they combine in words and joining in the chorus will also give them plenty of practice saying the sounds.

‘The CDs are a wonderful accompaniment which supports emergent readers to feel more independent.’ Jan Taylor, Headteacher

Audio CD included with the stories read by the legendary Rik Mayall.

This book can also be used as part of a support programme for any child presenting with speech, language or early literacy difficulties, or used to promote children’s listening and attention and other language skills.

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