• Bumper Story Bundles

    A highly flexible resource for language development - perfect for catch up!

    An Early Soundplay story with an extended range of character toys and props plus a comprehensive bumper resource pack.

  • Bumper Story Bundles

    Developed by speech and language therapists to provide effective and fun support for children with speech and language delay.

    Designed to be used with individuals or small groups.

  • Bumper Story Bundles

    Each story provides intense, repeated exposure to selected sounds and rhymes.

    This boosts speech sound awareness and vocabulary - key foundation skills for success with phonics, early reading and spelling.

  • Bumper Story Bundles

    A bumper resource and activity pack on a USB stick includes guidance, speech and language activities, lolly stick puppets and colouring sheets.

    Print and use in your setting and with parents too!




Speech, Langauge & Literacy


Speech Sounds


    Phonological Processes


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