• Early Soundplay Books

    Award-winning Early Soundplay books are written by a speech & language therapist.

    Designed to be read aloud and shared with all children the stories support their language and literacy development.

  • Early Soundplay Books

    Key vocabulary is introduced at the beginning of each book with engaging visual support. Repetition throughout the story in meaningful contexts supports the learning of new words.

    Trish the Fish
  • Early Soundplay Books

    Reinforcing focus on target sound (or sounds) provides additional opportunities to hear and practice saying the sound. Fun way to boost developing phonics skills.

    Sally the Sea Lion
  • Early Soundplay Books

    Early Soundplay stories are intrinsically interactive with built in questions, repetition and highly predictable storylines – and children love to hear them again and again.

    Erica's Chicks
  • Early Soundplay Books

    Read by award winning actor Sophie Thompson. Sophie’s lovely clear voice and engaging style is perfect for listening to Early Soundplay stories again, again and again.

    Digby the Diggedy Dog

Early Soundplay Books

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