• Early Soundplay Bundles

    Early Soundplay Bundles are fun, flexible resources designed to develop all 3-5 year olds language and early literacy skills.

    'Great for language development ... easy to use.'
    Nursery World Award 2019

  • Early Soundplay Bundles

    'Easy to use in pre-school or reception with small groups.' Nursery World Award 2019

    A user-friendly tool for supporting children with EAL or speech and language delay or difficulties.

  • Early Soundplay Bundles

    Early Soundplay Bundles build on the books with puppets or wooden animals.

    USB stick with MP3 audiobooks, guidance, activities and resources that boost language and phonological awareness, key to phonics.

  • Early Soundplay Bundles

    USB stick with MP3 audiobook files and easy to print pdfs with guidance, resources and targeted speech and language activities, for you to use across your setting.

  • Early Soundplay Bundles

    Now you can choose! Our much-loved finger puppets or the new chunky Fair Trade wooden wipe clean animals - perfect for small hands.

    Available for all Early Soundplay Bundles.




Speech, Langauge & Literacy


Speech Sounds


    Phonological Processes


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