Corky the Squawky Hawk & Jake the Achy Snake
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Corky the Squawky Hawk & Jake the Achy Snake

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Corky the Squawky Hawk is a rather awkward looking bird, with a spiky mohawk, and earing made of cork! Jake the Achy Snake is a master baker, and eater too! Jake's story targets the "AKE" sound, while his feathered friend, Corky, focuses on the "AWK" sound.


These fundamental sounds are carefully crafted into the stories of Corky and Jake. The natural way in which the sound is woven between the words allows the reader to enjoy the stories, almost unaware of the educational value behind them. The sounds are used in a variety of interesting contexts, with colourful and creative vocabulary. The story is supplemented by a regular chorus, which focuses around the characters name and the targeted sound. The rhythmic nature makes participation almost contagious; you’ll find children chanting along in anticipation of page turns!

All of this is brought to life by the narration of Rik Mayall (CD included with the book). He provides an in-character introduction before narrating the story. This helps create that all important character depth. Here at Clickety Books, we believe that if a child gets to know a character, that character can take them a long way. The CD also uses a chime, to alert young readers when it’s time to turn the page. Have a listen to Rik's introduction to Mark the Sparky Shark below.

Hear an intro by Rik Mayall

'He loves Mark the Sparky Shark and Jake the achy Snake. He's so funny as his new favourite word at the moment from Mark the Sparky Shark is "malarkey" and he uses it whenever he can. We find it hilarious when he says it. Keep up the good work on your amazing books! Love the illustrations in them too.' - Leona Weston, mother of 5 year old (via Facebook, May 2014)

Our Things to Make and Do section in regularly updated with free activities to supplement the book! 


Corky the Squawky Hawk & Jake the Achy Snake

  • Part of the -CK sound set
  • Winner of Practical Pre-School Gold award (2012)
  • Written by author and father of two, Craig Green
  • Beautifully illustrated by Sarah-Leigh Wills
  • Edited by an experienced team of speech and language threapists
  • Narrated by Rik Mayall (CD included)


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