Lucky the Plucky Duck & Erica the Picky Chicken
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Lucky the Plucky Duck & Erica the Picky Chicken

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Clickety Books develops books and resources that are beautiful, fun and linguistically principled. They are intended for all children who enjoy sharing books and rhymes and are designed to help develop their speech and language skills.

Fun is always a key ingredient so the books are light-hearted and richly illustrated. Each book is accompanied by a CD which is narrated by Rik MayallRonni Ancona or Catherine Tate. Their unique characterisation not only enriches the learning experience for your child but also adds to the fun!

 Our award winning -C/K books follow Lucky the Plucky Duck and Erica the Picky Chicken. Encourage your child to read their stories and try to spot all of the UCK and ICK words! Each book contains two stories and a CD of the tale read by Rik Mayall. Our CDs have helpful sound effects to help teach your child when to turn the pages.


Hear an intro by Ronni Ancona

What our testers said: 

"Gorgeous, good quality books! Great for all children, especially those with speech or language difficulties. The repetitiveness really helped the children to learn and then remember the words. They especially enjoyed listening to the stories and reading the books for themselves. A big thumbs-up from us."

Come and meet Lucky the Plucky Duck & Erica the Picky Chicken

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