We’ve had some amazing feedback from our customers.

There’s nothing better than knowing what you love to do has a positive impact on other people’s lives. Here at Clickety Books, that is exactly what we aim to achieve. Please read some of our lovely testimonials below.

We have your books at our setting and have them out daily. The children love the stories. We get so much conversation out of them too.

Sam, Manor Childcare Centre

Chatty Bats Language Development Programme won the Teach Early Years Awards 2020, Communication, Language and Literacy category. The judges said:

”Chatty Bats is an accessible and engaging solution to developing understanding and use of language; helping close the language gap for children with delays. It combines a robust dialogic reading methodology with a structured hierarchy of language activities. The 10-week programme includes everything you need to deliver it with confidence, including guidance for shared reading and over 40 additional activities.”

“The resource is well designed, professionally produced and includes all the resources you would need for the approach. This is an impressively comprehensive resource for any early years setting or classroom.”

Teach Early Years Awards 2020

Early Soundplay Bundle Collection:

This is what the testers said: ‘Easy to use in pre-school or Reception with small groups … the resources are ideal for a new practitioner or someone less confident looking for ideas … lots of follow up activities and cross-curriculum suggestions all of which are great for developing language skills … Staff enjoyed the activities and felt they were a great way to reinforce Letters and Sounds Phase 1’

Nursery World Silver Award 2019

“This resource will be very useful in our language groups.”

TTS customer

“Parents and schools engage really well with the books and resources and they love having something tangible to work with.”

Speech & Language Therapist

“I absolutely love these books, both as a parent and a speech and language therapist. The stories and illustrations are engaging. With my therapist hat on I love knowing that my son is being exposed to stories that are crafted to enhance children’s early speech development. I typically introduce these books early to my speech therapy clients and they provide a painless form of ‘homework’ that families never struggle to achieve. Thank you and keep producing more please!”

Emma Black, Speech & Language Therapist

“For the first time speech therapy support we can give in school will move away from the dreaded photocopied sheets to vibrant engaging funny books – a real hit with children of all ages.”

Jenny Thomas, Head Teacher, Bishop Cornish Primary School

“It’s never too young to promote a love of reading and encouraging speech sound development. The Clickety Books range is great for promoting early sound awareness. We have the Chatty Bat book and the matching puppet which is a lot of fun.”

Rebecca Bright, Therapy Box

“The Clickety books are going down a treat at the ‘Early Words Together’ sessions! We are using ones with puppets which helps keep their attention longer. We also use them in other groups as part of our ‘bag activity’. They’ve been really excited to have a book and a puppet in the bag!”

Libby Hill, Smarttalkers Pre-School Groups

“The staff enjoy using the puppets and allowing the children to become more involved with the stories. We feel they are a very useful resource to help with the children’s literacy development.”

Roundhouse Nursery

“The best way I can sum up Clickety Books is by saying they are just like those ‘hidden vegetable meals’ your Mum used to make! They are educationally nutritious, yet without the obvious packaging. And they play an extremely vital role in the development of your child in all the important areas, such as speech, language and literacy – Absolutely fantastic!”

Suzie, East Green Childcare Services

“We read at least one of the books from the Early Soundplay range each day with the children because they are a joy to read. The books are so colourful and the children think that the illustrations are funny. The books are great for speech and language development because of the rhyming and repetitive words and phrases used throughout the books. The children join in with the stories and have a good understanding of the humour and engage well whilst the story is being read.”

Corwen Day Nursery

“My son loves the Early Soundplay range! When he was very little we read to him and now, as a Reception age reader, he is able to help me read the books out loud. Highly recommended.”


“A unique and valuable resource for parents and early years practitioners. Without being at all obviously ‘educational’, these engaging picture story books subtly reinforce an awareness of speech sounds through the sorts of repetitions and plays on words that children love. Must-have books!”

John Oates, Senior Lecturer in Developmental Psychology, The Open University

“You do not have to be experienced in supporting children with speech, language and communication delay when you work with a Clickety Books title. These picture books are designed by experts to be a user-friendly tool for all.”

Practical Preschool Magazine

“As a nursery setting we have purchased a full set of Clickety books. They are loved by children and adults, provide us with a fantastic phonic base for activities and are extremely age friendly ( 2 yrs to 5 yrs).”

Clare Harle

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