About Clickety Books

All our products are developed by speech and language therapists and are designed to boost the language development of all children and help those who need additional support.

Children are at the heart of all we do and their enjoyment of our products is key to them being effective.

The Early Soundplay resources are built around stories that enchant and engage children and at the same time boost their early language and literacy skills. The highly predictable storylines lend themselves to a dialogic reading approach and the sound loaded stories focus on target sounds, rhythm and rhyme to develop phonological awareness.

Sally Bates


Sally is a strong believer in the importance and value of sound play for early speech and literacy development.  She is the author of our award winning Early Soundplay series and a member of the orginal Clickety Books editorial team where her blend of theoretical and clinical expertise underpins the development of all our books and resources.

Sally brings a unique combination of skills with her background in both phonetics and speech and language therapy. She is a senior lecturer in speech, language and literacy development. Her research interests include developmental speech sound disorders and the relationship between speech perception, speech production and early literacy development.

Her clinical experience includes working with children with specific language impairment and as part of a Sure Start project developing resources to promote early language skills.

As well as sound play, I love cycling and in fact have composed most of the Early Soundplay stories whilst riding along the cliffs where I live. I also love gardening and reading in the sun.

Craig Green


Craig is a whirlwind of creative ideas and he is passionate about developing characters that children will love and stories they will want to hear again and again!

He created Clickety Books to provide engaging resources for his son who had speech and language difficulties. He drew on Sally Bates’ speech and language expertise and the artistic talent of Sarah-Leigh Wills to create the first Clickety Books.

Craig then persuaded the talented Rik Mayall to read the first stories and a unique package was developed.

Since then Craig has continued to delight children with numerous new award winning Clickety characters and stories that continue to support the development of speech, language and communication.

Wendy Lee


Wendy is a consultant speech and language therapist with LINGO. She has worked in schools and early years settings, higher education and national charities.

She was Professional Director at the Communication Trust until 2015 and has developed several successful programmes to support children’s speech, language and communication skills.

Sarah-Leigh Wills


Sarah-Leigh Wills has been the illustrator for Clickety Books first two series – Sound Steps and Early Soundplay.

Her unique and slightly quirky style delights children and is appreciated by the adults who read Clickety stories again, again and again!

She has worked closely with the editorial team to ensure the illustrations support the text and add to our overall aim to enhance children’s language development.

Sarah having cut her illustrator teeth on Clickety has now spread her wings and has illustrated many books including some of her own work. Check out her work at the Happydesigner.

Sophie Thompson


We are delighted to be able to offer Sophie’s warm, gentle and enthusiastic interpretation of our award-winning Early Soundplay books.

As well as film credits including Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Emma, Persuasion and Four Weddings and a Funeral, Sophie has had a string of theatre successes with leading roles at the National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company and Olivier Award nominations in the West End. Sophie has also had many television roles including EastEnders, Jericho, The Detectorists and Coronation Street.

Sophie is also a star in the kitchen winning Celebrity Masterchef in 2014 and has published her first cookbook My Family Kitchen.

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