Festive Treats

Speech and language Christmas Freebies

This year we have created a selection of Christmas Freebies – speech and language activities for you to dip in and out of. A flexible feast of treats to download and print as and when it suits you.

They are standalone activities but link to our Early Soundplay series of books so you have the opportunity to expand the activities further if the children are familiar with the characters and their stories.

Cooking is fun and great for language development! Keelo’s Christmas Cookies is a lovely activity for encouraging talking – relaxed chatter about what you’re doing, seeing, smelling, tasting and what comes next.

Baking with Jake creates opportunities to ask and answer questions, follow instructions and learn a sequence of events. Learn new vocabulary in context and use these words in a hands on situation. Lots of /k/ and /s/ words to hear and practise too! 

Christmas themed objects hidden in a picture (or real ones for a treasure hunt) provide opportunities for modelling and reinforcing concepts – “Can you see the Christmas puddings inside Clip Clop’s picnic basket? There they are! Inside Clip Clop’s picnic basket.”

Clarabelle’s Christmas Baubles – where are they hidden in this active scene on a cliff with Flo the Flamingo, puffins, foxes and a flock of sheep? Lots of opportunities to hear and practise saying words with /f/.

We hope you enjoy these Christmas Freebies and more!

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