Go wild!

Children back at nursery or school or still learning at home can all enjoy participating in the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild challenge.

While you’re exploring out and about enjoy the opportunities to talk about everything that you see, touch and smell.

What can you spot?

When you’re out and about during the 30 Days Wild challenge how many of these can you spot?

You can download this grid here.

Talk about everything that you see while you’re out and about. Tess and Bess in the Park’s Activity Pack is full of ideas for a minibeast hunt and free lolly stick puppets too!

Treasure hunt

Search for ‘treasure’ in your garden or the park. Take a small container or bag to put the treasure in.

You could hunt for: leaves, snail shells, feathers etc.

Compare your treasure – what’s the same or dif­ferent? Talk about the dif­ferent textures – are they hard or soft? What or where did it come from?

How many can you count?

You could also go for a counting walk. Look out for trees, flowers, birds and bees. How many can you see?

You can add colours and sizes – how many red flowers?

Digby’s Busy Day Activity Pack has more suggestions and free bee lolly stick puppets too!

Two little speckled frogs

Nursery rhymes and action rhymes are a great way to introduce rhyme to young children.

You can find the words to Five Little Speckled Frogs and frog lolly stick puppets to bring the rhyme to life in Digby the Diggedy Dog’s free Activity Pack.

Have fun while you’re out and about and enjoy a lot of chitter chatter. Check out all our Early Soundplay Together Activity Packs and the Wildlife Trust for additional ideas too.

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