Let's talk about snow

Adults may not always welcome snow but children, just like Tess and Bess, may find it very exciting! It’s also a great topic for speech and language activities.

Wrapping up warm, whether it’s snowing or just cold and wet, gives us lots of vocabulary practise in context. Talk about the colours, patterns and textures.

Extend this activity with this freebie Tess and Bess get dressed and a Tess and Bess Colouring Activity.

A simple shared colouring activity is great for developing listening, understanding and talking. Again it helps to consolidate vocabulary, for example clothing and colours, with opportunities to hear and practise using the words.

It is also good for hearing and practising saying words with /s/ blends (snowball, skirt, scarf, spots, stripes).

Last, but not least, sharing a snowy story provides a lovely focus for a chat. Join Tess and Bess in the Snow as they squeak and squeal having lots of fun in the snow! They go skating, sledging, snowballing and make a big snow-mouse!

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