Sound play in the ocean - swish swash swoosh!

Celebrating World Ocean Day reminds us that as well as helping our children learn about the importance of sustaining our oceans it is also a great way to introduce them to the diversity of marine life.

The deep oceans and seas are full of marine animals and sea creatures which children are fascinated by and give us lots to talk about.

Trish the fish is always in a hurry. She swims through a jellyfish, bumps into seahorses, splashes a grumpy crab and crashes and smashes into a sea snail. Bish bash bosh!

How many sea creatures do your children know?

Trish the Fish
may be teeny tiny but she can swim very fast. She shoots through the water – swish, swash, swoosh! A tiny flash of light shining bright in the deep dark ocean.

Trish’s story is full of ‘sh’sounds.

We’ve created some Trish the Fish activities for you to enjoy – download them from our FREEBIES here.

A sandy seashore gives us opportunities to dig, to build sandcastles and be active.

Sally the Sea Lion plays hide and seek with her best friend Ryan. Sally’s story is full of ‘s’ and ‘r’ sounds.

Have a scavenger hunt for shells, pebbles and seaweed.

Talk about the seaweed – compare and contrast the different colours, smells and textures. Can you find seaweed that pops?

Sea shells come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Put a shell to your ear and what can you hear?

Rock pools are fascinating to explore as well as a novel location for reading!

Grab a bucket and net – what creatures might you catch? Talk aboout them – what’s the same and what’s different?

Don’t forget to put them back in the rock pool.

Who lives on the cold and windy cliff top? Perhaps some puffins who puff up their feathers to keep warm.

Clarabelle’s Scarf is set on her cliff top farm.

Enjoy our free activities and resources to help you get chatting about the sea. By developing children’s vocabulary and raising their awareness of individual speech sounds you are developing key skills that will support their reading and spelling.

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