Spring is in the air

Spring is in the air and despite the current challenges we hope you enjoy our selection of Easter themed freebies. Our cooking, colouring and action rhyme activities, brought to life with lolly stick puppets, are designed to get your children talking!

With lots of cheeping and chirping from Erica’s mischievous chicks we have developed a range of free activities for speech and language fun!

Rhyme, rhythm and repetition! We’ve put together some rhymes that are full of sound play and actions too.

Lolly stick puppets can add to the fun too!

Cooking is a lovely activity for developing language skills – talking about what you are doing, seeing, smelling, tasting, and what comes next.

Lots of opportunities for questions and answers and ideal for developing turn taking skills too. Simple recipes such as Chocolate Crispy nests reinforce the sounds ‘ch’ and ‘k’ too.

Colouring can be a shared activity or game that provides a great opportunity for talking. Focus on it being fun – chicks don’t need to be yellow they can be coloured green and blue!

Either share the colouring picture or print one each. Talk about the picture and then take turns to give each other instructions, such as colour one chick blue.

Stories with chicks are fun to share too and Erica’s chicks play a key role in the Early Soundplay stories Erica’s Chicks, Keelo’s Cookies, Shelley the Sheep and Clarabelle’s Scarf.

These stories are sound loaded with ‘k’, ‘ch’, ‘sh’ and ‘f’. These stories provide multiple opportunities for hearing and practising saying words with these sounds.

We hope these activities will bring some fun and chirpy chatter while you stay at home and stay safe.

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