Chatty Bats Language Development Pack (with Finger Puppets)

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The Chatty Bats Language Development Programme uses a robust dialogic reading methodology, linking engaging stories with structured language activities to enhance the use of language, vocabulary and understanding of 3-5 year olds.

Chatty Bats combines the engaging, expertly crafted Clickety Early Soundplay stories with a tried and tested language programme, developed by Wendy Lee at LINGO.

Chatty Bats was introduced into 50 schools as part of a Strategic School Improvement Fund project:

‘We have just completed Chatty Bats and the pre/post data is good. I think a lot of the impact is around the fact that it has tuned staff into what the children do and how they learn.’ Teacher

You can read more about the programme and outcomes here: Chatty Bats Language Development Programme.

The 10 week group intervention builds language for children with language delay, alongside over 40 activities for use with all children across the classroom:

 – Based around 5 of the Clickety Early Soundplay stories

 – 30 sessions with puppets, activities and materials

 – Over 40 additional activities for the whole class and parents

 – Monitoring and evaluation documentation

 – Support for vocabulary, understanding and use of language


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