Sound Steps – ‘S’ Set

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The Geese Police & Lucy the Juicy Moose: The Geese Police are looking for a naughty sheep and Lucy the Juicy Moose is inventive and even makes worm juice! Listen out for all the EESE and OOSE words!

Flossy the Bossy Ostrich & The Precise Woodlice: Flossy the Bossy Ostrich loves candyfloss and The Precise Woodlice bake rice cakes for greedy mice. Look out for all the OSS and ICE words!

Tracy the Pacy Plaice & Orsa the Saucy Horse: Tracy the Pacy Plaice loves to race and play chase and Orsa the Saucy Horse makes awesome tomato sauce. How many ACE and ORSE words can you spot?

Award winning set of books full of rhyme, repetition and refrains. They help to develop sound and phonological awareness, not only important for clear speech but essential skills for phonics and learning to read and spell.

‘The children were captured by the illustrations in these books and their funny titles and thought that they were hilarious! … because of  the repetition the children are able to participate easily in the stories.’

‘The CD was a great resource and the children loved to listen to it – they particularly liked the introduction to all the characters.’ Gold Award, Primary Teacher Update, 2013

Audio CD included with the stories read by the fabulous Ronni Ancona.

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